Admission Requirements

Admission of students with special needs is subject to all policies and procedures which apply to other admissions and to the additional policies and procedures outlined here.

  1.  A completed student registration form/application for Admission of a Student with Special Needs should be received at the school office by March 1st for a student to be considered for admission in the following year. In the secondary school, mid-year transfers will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Applications received after March 1st may be accepted based on available services.
  2. Copies of all relevant assessment reports and any special needs funding history must be received by the school office by March 15th. These reports must be current; in the event that further testing is required by PCS, arrangements and financing of the testing shall be the responsibility of parents.
  3. A meeting with the parents will be arranged following the receipt of the completed application form. The Special Education Coordinator will arrange the initial meeting. The goal of the initial meeting is to determine the types and levels of service, the equipment and the facilities necessary to support the student’s learning in PCS. This may be followed with a visit to the student’s current setting.
  4. Recommendation for acceptance will be determined on an individual basis and on the school’s confidence that it can serve the student adequately, based on the following:
    • the effect the accommodation would have on the quality of the educational service the school is able to offer;
    • the school’s ability to meet the student’s needs based on the facilities with which the school is equipped and the abilities/training of its staff;
    • the effect the accommodation would have on the morale, health and safety of other students;
    • the cost of providing the support necessary to meet the needs of the student.
  5. Following a recommendation for acceptance from the Special Education Coordinator, administration will schedule the formal admission interview. Please note that enrollment acceptance is based upon a successful admission interview with administration.
  6. The parents will be notified of acceptance once all necessary steps have been taken to ensure that the school feels confident that it can serve the student adequately.