Entrance Requirements

  1. Students entering Grades 10, 11 and 12 must have a demonstrated competence in English. Students entering into Elementary School or Grades 8 or 9, may be accepted with minimum English skills.
  2. International students are expected to abide by PCS policies and procedures.
  3. Students whose parents are Christians and who can provide a pastoral reference, will be considered for admittance in accordance with the PCS Admissions Policy (PCS Policy Manual – Section III: Admissions/Registration). In other circumstances, international students are required to live with a PCS or other approved Christian family with whom they will attend church regularly.
  4. Students will be required to write an English Proficiency test to help the school determine whether ESL instruction is required and at what level. Students requested to take this exam in advance will take the iTEP exam. For more information about the exam and where it can be taken, please visit www.itepexam.com.
  5. In order for a student to enter Grade 10 English, he or she must have completed Level Four of the school’s ESL program.