ESL Instruction

Pacific Christian School offers FOUR levels of ESL instruction.

In order to enter a regular English 10 class, students should have successfully completed the fourth level. At that point, no further ESL instruction would be required. However, an optional FIFTH level (IELTS and university prep) is also available.

Unless the course is being taken in their home country, all international students are required to take an on-line test at PCS to determine at which level they are qualified to begin. Students should schedule a test time with Mr. Slofstra, the International Program Coordinator.

A language lab (room 233) is available at the secondary campus of PCS for all ESL students. Computers are equipped with head sets and microphones – both required by the program. If students work on the ESL courses at home, they should equip their computers accordingly.

Students may be given a block of time during their schedule to work on the ESL on-line course.  Ms. Carrie, the teacher/marker for the course, is available to students from Monday – Thursday from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. in the library. Students can also receive assistance from the International Student Education Assistants, Mr. Daniel Kriese or Ms. Celeste Kyle.

If you have any questions about the ESL instruction program, please email Ms. Carrie.

Sarah Carrie

ESL Portal (AOSA and PCS)

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