Extending your Study Permit

When you re-register your child for the upcoming school year, you may need to renew your child’s Study Permit, as well.  Below is the link to the necessary application form.  From this site, you can also download the guide that has the instructions to help you fill out the form.  Follow them carefully!  If you make an error, they will NOT issue you a renewed visa and you may have to pay the fee again when you send in the correction.

Be sure to start the reapplication process early, as it can take up to four months to receive a new Study Permit!

When you have received your child’s renewed Study Permit, please bring a copy to the Secondary Office.

You do not have to use a representative to help you prepare or submit an application for a visa or study permit to come to Canada. If you do choose to pay a representative to act for you, only a Canadian lawyer or a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant is authorized to act for you. Click for more information.