Fee & Policies

Homestay Fees

The homestay fee is $9,500 for September 1 until June 30. This fee should be paid directly from the student to the homestay in 10 monthly installments. No prepaid lump sum payments are permitted.

Families who host students prior to September 1 (New Student Orientation Program, for example) should charge $30/night. 

Individual Day Fees

Additional days at a homestay will cost $30.00. For example, if a student arrives on the first of a month, but leaves on the seventh of the following month, the student will have to pay $30.00 times 7 for those additional days.


If a student is gone for more than five consecutive days, they are still expected to pay $15.00 per day for the time that they are gone. This includes Christmas, Spring Break or if a student is returning from summer holidays.


Students need to provide 14 days notice if they are leaving their homestay. If a student decides to leave within the 14 days, they are still required to pay the homestay for their stay. For example, if the student decides on the March 7 that they are going to leave, they will need to pay their homestay up to March 21.


Any financial disagreements or problems between the homestay and the international student will be mediated by Mr. John Slofstra the International Student Coordinator.  Homestay families should note that they may not, without the express permission of the school, charge more than $950.00 per month.