Grad Transitions Files

1. Checklist: Grad Transitions Checklistpdf

2. Personal Health: Confirmation of Physical Activitypdf

Students will be able to demonstrate the knowledge, attitudes and positive habits needed to be healthy individuals responsible for their own well-being.

3. Community Connections: Confirmation of Work or Volunteer Experiencepdf

Students will be able to demonstrate the skills required to work safely and effectively with others and to succeed as individual and collaborative workers

4. Career and Life: Sample ResumepdfReferencespdf

Students will be able to demonstrate the confidence and competency needed to be self-directed individuals.

5. Community Conversation: Conversation Starterspdf

As the culmination of Graduation Transitions 12, you will be asked to engage in a Community Conversation. This will usually take place in the spring, but it can be scheduled at other times. The Community Conversation is an opportunity to reflect on some of your experiences throughout secondary school and to share your hopes, dreams and plans for the future. We hope that this conversation will help you make an intentional and smooth transition to a new stage of life. We also hope that engaging in this conversation with our graduates will help us, as teachers at PCS, to improve what we do.

Each student will be assigned to a teacher who will serve as the Conversation Moderator. This teacher will help you prepare for your Community Conversation.
Each student will also be asked to invite other people to be part of the Community Conversation. You might choose to invite parents, teachers, pastors, friends – in short, we encourage you to invite some people who have played a significant role in your life so far.

Your Community Conversation can take one of two forms. The choice is yours!

Option 1:   
Centre your Community Conversation on an aspect of your life that is important to you. This could be an art portfolio, a trip you are planning, a major project you’ve undertaken, or any other important aspect of your life. No matter what you choose, please prepare to talk about why this part of your life is important to you, what you have learned through it, and how you see it developing as you transition out of secondary school to a new stage of life. You can feel free to prepare a formal presentation or you can plan to have a more informal discussion.

Option 2:
Centre your Community Conversation on the suggested Transition Conversation Guiding Questions. You and your Conversation Moderator can discuss which questions you would like to include. You can also suggest additional questions if there is an area that is important to you that you feel is missing.