Graduation Transitions

Welcome to Graduation Transitions 12 at Pacific Christian School. Our goal is to make this a meaningful experience for you as you prepare to move from secondary school to your post-secondary activities.

The following pages include everything you need to successfully complete this requirement for graduation. This program is a Ministry of Education requirement for all students.

This transition involves a three-year process, including sections on Personal Health, Community Connections, Career and Life, and a Community Conversation. You completed some aspects through your Planning 10 course, and you’ve been tracking your Physical Activity through grades 11 and 12. Each aspect of Graduation Transitions is intended to help you as you prepare to leave secondary school and move into the next stage of your life.

The four required sections each have very specific requirements. Read this information carefully and complete all the required work.  For Graduation Transitions 12, you will receive an RM (Requirement Met) on your transcript once you have completed all components. Successful completion of this program is a graduation requirement.

Download the checklistpdfto help you keep track of your progress. This will become the formal record of Graduation Transitions 12 completion. The Resource page points you in the direction of websites relevant to each of the sections. The Ministry of Education website is also listed if you would like to read the full rationale behind Graduation Transitions program.

We wish you every success in this process and in your future plans.

A Credit Summarypdf

Legacy Sheetpdf

Yearbook Write-Uppdf

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Grad Planner Graduation Programpdf (very helpful document from the BC Ministry of Education)