How do we become a PCS Homestay family?

Welcome to the homestay program at Pacific Christian School. International students attending our school, who are not living with their parents, are required to live with a Christian family. If you are interested in becoming a homestay family, you are encouraged to print, complete and return the Homestay Application Form.

What are we getting into?

When you take a student into your home, you will be entering into a whole new world of care-giving. International students will have a long adjustment period that will be complicated initially by fatigue and jet lag and, over the longer run, culture shock. You and your family will play a key role in guiding your student to a place where they feel comfortable in their new home, school and community. This can be a hugely rewarding endeavour. Life-long relationships are often the result of a loving and nurturing homestay environment. Plus, you’ll learn from each other and grow from the experience.

Perhaps you’re taking in an international student because you want to earn some extra money. If this is your primary motivating factor, we would strongly advise you against opening up your home. Having an international student as part of your family is a relational transaction, not a financial one. It will involve all of the same joys, challenges and responsibilities that bringing up your own children involves.

What will be expected of our family?

The Homestay Program Guide is your resource for all that is expected of you as you become and carry out the responsibilities of being a host family.

Within the first week of having the student in the home, host families and students are expected to download, read together and sign the Homestay Expectations for International Students form.

International Students (and their parents) will have signed the Behaviour Contract for International Students. Homestay parents may want to peruse this contract for a better understanding of the school’s expectations for the behaviour of International Students in and outside of school.

We trust that as you and your family develop a relationship with your international student that you will experience the joy of knowing that you are providing for one of God’s own and that you are helping your student gain an understanding into His will and His work.

If you have any questions about the International Program, please contact the International Homestay Coordinator, Valerie Secord.