International Program

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What’s so great about PCS?

Students who attend Pacific Christian School comment that the love and concern they feel from teachers and the support and community they feel amongst the students are the two big reasons why PCS is such a great place to be.  Parents are pleased with the high quality of education that’s delivered in the classroom and teachers enjoy working in an environment where they can express the essence of whom they are – the Teacher’s teachers.  When your school’s mission statement is all about critical thinking, Christ-like living and joyful service, it stands to reason that great education and close community are going to happen.  The result is a place where Christian education is experienced in a wide variety of ways.  The result is Pacific Christian School.

What do our students do after they graduate?

Students who graduate from PCS will venture out into the community that surrounds them.  While some will immediately become part of the work force, it’s safe to say that about seventy percent of our students will eventually pursue further education.  While most stay at home and attend institutions like the University of Victoria and Camosun College, many also find their way to post-secondary studies in Vancouver, the rest of BC and Canada and, of course, abroad.  PCS is proud to hear that our students are well-received in these institutions and that our alumni tell us that PCS has prepared them well.

What happens to our students “when they grow up”?

It’s hard to keep track of where our students end up.  We know that many of them become the parents of children in our school.  We know that some of them become teachers in our school.  We also know that no matter what field you are looking at, you will find former PCS students there.  Medicine, law, law enforcement, engineering, computer programming, performing arts, and many of the trades are just a few areas in a long list where you will discover our grads.  We are confident that our students are making a difference in the world around them; that they are continuing to follow the path that was set from them in our school – to think critically, to be Christ-like and to serve with joy.

Pacific Christian School is enriched by students from other countries and cultures

PCS serves the Greater Victoria area but, for the past 30 years, we have been hosting international students from a number of countries around the globe.    We set the same standards for these students as we do for all of our students and they soon become part of our community – studying in our classrooms, living in our homes, participating in youth groups and worshipping in our churches.  Students who attend here come with varying degrees of English proficiency and we try to work with students at their level, with a goal to integrating them into the regular curriculum and getting them on track for graduation.
We challenge them to do well in their academic and non-academic courses and provide numerous opportunities to be involved in extra-curricular activities like sports teams, school plays, music groups and community volunteer work.

What else does the school do in the area of international education?

With French being Canada’s second language, all of our students are encouraged to develop an ability in the French language and an interest in its diverse culture.  Every other year, around thirty of our students participate in a trip to Paris, France.
PCS has a real heart for missions and every year we have a large group of students who go down to Mexico to build homes for the local people and to bring them the love of Jesus through his people.  For many students, this trip is the highlight of their high school experience.
Students, both local and international, are also encouraged to take advantage of trips to Japan and Europe.  Both these trips are culturally and historically enriching and help our students to be more aware of and sensitive to the needs of students who come here from different cultures.

In conclusion…

We’re proud of our International Program and, of course, we’re proud of our international students; proud of their determination in the face of hardship and discomfort, proud of their academic achievement and proud of what they add to our school’s environment.  We recognize that God has created all people and all cultures and that as these people and their cultures move closer together in our global society the importance of understanding and working with one another becomes more and more important.

May God bless us as we move forward in this venture!