K – 12 Registration Forms

The PCS registration process involves using the on-line forms below.  The process is outlined in this  K-12 registration procedures (and tuition) document.pdf

NEW families applying for K-12 need to complete all forms and submit any additional paperwork (as required) before the interview process can begin.

EXISTING Families applying for Kindergarten only need to complete the the K-12 Registration Form.

  1. K-12 Registration Form – Each child needs a Registration Form completed and supporting documentation submitted to the office.
  2. Legal Residency Form – One copy of the Legal Residency Form is required per family.
  3. Shared Commitment Form – One copy of the Shared Commitment & Statement of Faith form is required per family.
  4. Request a Clergy Reference Form – Complete this on-line form to send an email to your clergy member requesting a reference.
  5. Volunteer Form – Please complete the Volunteer form to let us know how you will be able to help the PCS community this year.

Documentation To Submit to the School Office

  1. Legal Documentation – copy of Birth Certificate, immunization records, custody orders…
  2. Academic Transcripts or Reports
  3. Special Education or Learning Assistance reports
  4. Copy of any court orders pertaining to your child(ren)
  5. Application Fee – $200 non-refundable processing fee per family (cash or cheque payable to PCS).
  6. Capital Levy Fee – $500 (one time fee, new families in Grade 2 and up)

Are you leaving the PCS community? 🙁

We recognize that sometimes circumstances change and students or families leave PCS.  If that’s you, please take a moment to fill in the official withdrawal form so we can begin to process your request.  Let us know if there are any concerns or topics or notes of encouragement that you would like to discuss.  Please click here to start the student withdrawal process.