Program Information

Special Education Program

  • We have trained educational assistants who are dedicated to their jobs and their Christian faith.
  • We have a team of special education coordinators who work together to support their students, EAs and the classroom teachers.
  • We work closely with parents and desire open communication between families and all the staff. We expect parents to attend IEP meetings and we put effort into facilitating this.
  • In-class EA support is provided based on individual and class needs and the school’s ability to meet those needs.
  • When appropriate, our students are integrated into the regular classroom. Our main priority is to provide the best learning environment for all students.
  • We are not a specialized behaviour support school and have a limited capacity to support challenging behaviours.
  • We have a resource room that functions in the following ways: as a quiet learning environment, a place for students to have their breaks, where EAs can work with small groups, and for supervising students during EA breaks.
  • When safety outside the classroom is a priority, supervision will be provided as required.
  • Where safety is a concern during eating times or when food objectives are an important part of the student’s IEP, we will provide EA coverage for snack and lunch.
  • It has always been an expectation that if you are bringing your child with special needs to our school that all of his/her siblings are/will attend PCS as well.
  • We have an occupational therapist on our staff. She oversees the OT needs of our students and works with the EAs to establish OT routines where needed. However, she is not able to provide direct and ongoing support to students. If this is something that you wish to have for your child, you may privately contract additional OT support. If your child requires specialized equipment to support them at school we have limited access to this and parents may be required to provide these items.
  • We do not provide on-going speech therapy for our students. Several speech therapists, who contract directly with the parents, provide on-site sessions at our school. They are usually open to new students. We also allow other private speech therapists to provide on-site services as space allows. Some parents also contract physiotherapy privately and have it take place in our OT room.
  • Provincial support programs like POPDB, POPARD and PISP support students within the independent school system. We make applications like any other independent school. However, only a limited number of students are able to access these services; so even if your child is eligible and may have accessed these services at a previous school, there is no guarantee he/she will have access to these programs when you transfer to our school.
  • Students who have received technology from SET-BC while in the public school or at another independent school will be able to have their technology transferred to our school. We can also apply for technology for our students. However, the funding is limited and there is no guarantee that we will be able to secure funding for new technology. We are open to students using their own personal technology as long as they follow the general student guidelines as to when and how they can use their devices.