Student Services

In Student Services we recognize that each of us needs some help and support at various times. This is true whether we are adults or teenagers, teachers or students, staff or parents. Keeping this in mind, our goal in the PCS Student Services department is to offer a variety of resources and supports to all the students and families at PCS. This may be through course planning, post-secondary school planning, career exploration, learning assistance, special education and counselling.

Learning Assistance

At the secondary school, Learning Assistance is provided through the Study Centre and through the assistance of Educational Assistants in academic classes. Students may drop in to the Study Centre (Room 144) any time between 8:00-4:15 to receive help with their work, use the computers, or study. Students may also have a scheduled Study Block in which they learn specific study skills, time-management skills, and receive help with their homework.

Deirdre Hawthorne
Learning Assistance Coordinator
250-479-4532 ext. 119
email Mrs. Hawthorne


Counselling at PCS includes a wide range of services. The counsellors are available to meet with students to review course selection, plan for post-secondary school application and to help with scholarship information. We are also available when students need a place to talk or if parents have some concern they would like to discuss. Our offices include private rooms to meet with a counselor as well as an open space for career or post-secondary planning. Computers are also available for student use.

Lyn Suderman
250-479-4532 ext. 116
email Ms.Suderman

Simon Tuffin
250-479-4532 ext. 117
email Mr. Tuffin

Special Education

At PCS, we have an extensive special education program from Kindergarten to Grade 12. We recognize that every student has a unique learning style and requires individual program planning in order to create an optimum learning environment. We strive to achieve a model of excellence in all our programing by using “best practice” principles and theories.

Registration for the specical education program begins with a meeting with the respective elementary or secondary principal and special education coordinator. All registration forms and relevant reports/information are required by March 31.

Karen Vos
Special Education Coordinator
250-479-4532 ext. 115
email Mrs. Vos

Youth and Family Support

At the secondary school, a Youth and Family Worker is available to work with students and families who may, for whatever reason, need additional support. The Youth and Family Worker, as part of the school-based Student Services team, provides assessment, case planning, and intervention for students at risk or experiencing social, emotional, academic or behavioural difficulties. The Youth and Family Worker provides care and support to these students as well as consults with parents, staff, and members of communizty agencies to ensure the needs of these students are met. The Youth and Family Worker works in a variety of settings, which may include the school, the family’s home, and a variety of community locations. In addition to providing one-on-one support for students, the Youth and Family Worker also offers an assortment of psychoeducational and therapeutic support groups, as needed, throughout the school year; these groups include, PEERS (Program for the Enrichment and Enhancement of Relational Skills), FRIENDS for Life (anxiety and resiliency program), groups focusing on stress reduction and coping skills, geocaching club, friendship groups, craft groups, lunch clubs, etc.

Kristen Durand-Hutchinson
Youth & Family Worker
(250)479-4532 ext 144
email Ms. Durand-Hutchinson
Other Services

Special Education Program
Learning Assistance Program
Study Blocks–students may have a scheduled block to study, complete homework and receive assistance.
Study Centre (Rm. 144) –open every day from 7:45-4:45 for students to study, complete homework and receive assistance. This room has a number of computer work stations available to students throughout the day.
Math Help – lunch time 5 days each week in room 145
Education Assistants available to work with students in the classroom and the Study Centre
Special Education Assistants who work with students in the Special Education Program
Personal counselling
Counselling referrals – PCS counsellors have a number of counsellors in the community they recommend regularly to students and families from PCS
Academic advising
Tutor referrals
Course planning
Post-secondary Planning
Scholarship/bursary/grant information
Career exploration and planning
Graduation/Transition planning
Best Buddies Program (this program is pending approval)